October 28, 2008

Partially Decorated

We all know I'm the kind of gal who can't rest until I get a lot done. Moving was no exception. As a matter of fact (and my binder can reassure you), moving is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. This time, I did it slowly on purpose. I had to savor it, for more than one reason.

I've been compiling photos of things I loved for a year now (wow, it's really been that long?) in a little folder on my hard drive. I've used it for inspiration over and over again. One by one, as I put things away and moved furniture around, my ideas began to snap into place.

I also consulted with my 3 kidlets often (yes, including Mabel) to see what they liked, what they wanted and needed around the house. Mostly I wanted it to feel warm and inviting, with character and charm - in a modern way. I want to display their artwork and handmade items. I want to collect a few things that make me giddy inside, things that make them smile, too. It is important that this be OUR home and that all of us together have a hand in putting it together.

Our home isn't done. No way. I hope it never is. What I am realizing is that, while something may make me happy for a while, that doesn't mean I have to stop there. I can get all caught up in the next burst of creative inspiration and redecorate all over again. And if you're thinking 'money' - let me just tell you, learning more about living green has stretched its way over into my decorating as well, I'm proud to tell you. I do a LOT of thrifting these days, with excellent results.

Here are some photos.

Mabel needed a high chair. Goodwill had this beauty for $5.

See that highboy dresser? I found a set of two of them last Spring at a local antique mall.

Remember those lamps from Crate & Barrell? The bird is from Savers - $2.

That afghan (the boys' absolute favorite thing) was also from Savers and that end table, Goodwill. Frames are from Target.

All but two of these frames were thrifted for a buck apiece and gutted. I haven't yet removed the Anne Geddes print (but will) or the map. The birds will stay. The new frames (the blue and the white/green toward the bottom) are from Target.

The embriodered Hummel was found at Savers.

That was my rocking chair when I was little. I think it fits in Moo's room nicely.

My Belle and Boo print (frame from Hobby Lobby).

Who the heck is this?!?! Just kidding. That's moi, age 4.

I found this cabinet at Goodwill for $10. I knew it would be perfect for my fabric. It has sliding glass doors, which I love because they keep the dust off of the fabric and still let me see and swoon. There is one gouge out of the wood near the bottom there that I have to get after with paint.

More to come soon, including the kids' rooms and these.

and these (assuming I can figure out where to put them).

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