October 23, 2008

Ten Things

I wish I could tell you that the reason I've been so long in posting was because I was in full-out decorate mode for the house, or even busy making the 3 Halloween costumes on my list this year. Even that I was busy potty training Olive. But alas, none of these is true.

I've been too pooped to putter around. I have a nasty cold that is keeping me up a lot at night (on the plus side, I am halfway through a re-read of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and since I am not resting during the dark hours, my body has decided it wants to rest during the day hours instead. Great. Fantastic. I have no energy to do ANYthing short of necessary. I have literally gone to bed the last 3 nights around 8.

Also, I'm dealing with some comfy shoes drama this week and feeling icky inside, realizing that some of this drama will be mine to deal with for umpteen years. Gotta just give it to God and trust in Him.

So, what I needed today was a reminder of the happy things in my life. Here, in no particular order are 10 things that are making me happy right now:

  1. All of my children are reasonably healthy (not including snotty noses and the like) and going right to bed when I put them down for the night.
  2. I am alive, my children are alive, my mother and friends are alive, Praise God.
  3. I found some really cool vintage yellow towels in great condition at the local thrift stores and scored 4 of them for like $6.
  4. This year, finally, I get to MAKE Halloween costumes for my kids - even if they are only partially sewn by me, I'll still have a heavy hand in their fun.
  5. We went to the library yesterday; the boys got their first library cards.
  6. Hot green tea with honey (helps the cough).
  7. I am on the verge of a surge in income (commission) and am faithful it will come through.
  8. I get to watch what I want, stay up as late or go to bed as early as I want. I can eat what I want, fix what I want, dream what I want, and do what I want. Want to watch 7 hours of The Golden Girls? I can do that. Want to buy a bag of chocolate covered pretzels from the deli and devour as many as possible before the kids see? I can do that, too. Fall asleep with the puppy in the bed with me for 7 hours? Yep, that, too. I can even fart repeatedly in the kitchen.
  9. I got to see and hold and hear my mommy last week! We already miss you, Mom!
  10. The love, forgiveness, and support of Jesus Christ is making me smile. It is by Him and through Him that my life is taking beautiful shape. He doesn't promise us it will be easy, but He does promise to keep a plan and to carry us through it. He's in control. I am depending on His help to raise these 3 gorgeous kiddos and I know He's there. I am walking closer to Him now than I ever have in my life and that makes me very, very happy.

What is making you happy today?

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