November 21, 2008

The Eames Era Doll Bed, from Creative Playthings

Oh, I hit the jackpot with this thing.

I was walking through a local thrift store and wondering if the boys were still over playing with the gently used toys, 8 aisles away. Moo was in the cart, hopping so that her little pointy legs flopped up and down. I was looking for a coffee pot - a small one, like they have in hotel rooms. Anyway, I tripped over something wooden in their kitchy-wooden-countrified from the 80's-section of wooden bears and spice racks and bath pegboards. When I looked down, I saw that I had tripped on a doll bed.

Hmmm. It was marked $3. It was relatively bulky - a good 2' x 3', solid wood top and steel legs. I noticed that one of the rubber leg bottoms was gone. It needed a good scrubbing. Mabel smacked it a few times and I threw it in the cart. I wasn't going to because I already have a handmade wooden doll cradle waiting for pickup at my mother's house this Christmas. But it's a cradle and this was a bed. A big one. And modern.

Once home, I noticed it had a sticker on it, and I decided to look it up.

As it turns out, I tripped on a 1950's, Eames-Era doll bed made by Creative Playthings. My $3 doll bed is very valuable.

I don't really care that it's worth anything (and I question that, given the missing rubber stopper) - I love that my taste hit the jackpot, front and center. 1950's? Eames-era? Mid-century modern jackpot. I feel very, very cool.

And I love the bed mostly because it's something Mabel and I can play together. Dollies. Mommy.

So I (grabbed my camera and then) took her into her room and we swaddled "Baby" and put her on the bed. We gave Baby the Cabbage Patch binky and sang a lullaby to her. We patted her scuffed, rubber head. Mabel walked away. I said, "Wait a minute! Come back here! You forgot your Baby!"

So, Mabel walked back and picked Baby up. By the foot. And headed out of the room.

Oh my.

Cuteness! Nana, look how big she is!

And Baby was cast aside. Just like that, left beside the real mommy on the couch. Oh well, one day we'll play. Until then, I'll play. Oh you betcha - I plan to make a mattress and pillow for that bed.

Good times.

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