November 2, 2008

Fall Apples, 2005

I'm a little late in updating my blog header to something more fall-ish. I thought about scrapping one, but haven't the time. Then today I sat down with even less time and the memory of this picture came to me in a snap. There they were, these glorious gems, settled into a folder on my hard drive named "Fall Apples 2005."

I took the apple photo (with accompanying quilt that I made for baby Trevor back in 2000) the first fall in our house. As in The House. The "2548 house" as the kids call it. It was an awesome weekend day. I was cleaning and had an itch to be all snappy with the camera. That was before my Rebel, before Photoshop Elements, and before actions.

(this one makes me giggle)

Looking through these old photos, three things come to mind.

1. I can't believe how much little Andy (then age 3) looked like Mabel. Holy cow.

2. I can't believe how much the two of them have grown, though I'm delighted to know their mouths have always been that big.

3. I love Photoshop actions. I say this because the pictures look better, but the truth is that I have learned SO much since I took these; I wish I could go back and change a few things about the lighting, shadows, scarves, etc. But, oh well.

One last thing, if you have been following my blog for a while then you know that we just passed the anniversary of the big boat-rocking that happened to our family last year. One year ago, everything changed. When I look back, I can see clear markers about what our future would be. I can see mistakes that were made. I can count moments and I remember thinking "this could be our last...". But, for now I have decided not to dive deeply into this portion of my memory on my blog just yet. It's still horribly painful. But my, oh my, what a long year it has been - and my goodness, how fast it has gone! I am grateful the love of Jesus has pulled us through. Thanks for still reading.

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