November 8, 2008

It's Saturday, and I'm Mute

Today has been busy.

First, I slept in. Well, a little. As much as 2 puppies and a hungry baby will let you. Like 30 minutes.

I finished my photo order so that I can scrapbook this week. (I'm on a 256K upload, so it took all night. Fun.)

I worked on my project for the shop for the rest of the morning while the kids and I watched a few episodes of The Golden Girls.

I vacuumed and did laundry while Andy dusted and Trevor cleaned the bathrooms. (I looooove having kids old enough to help.)

I fixed a quick lunch - actually two since Mabel refused to eat raviolis.

While Mabel napped and the boys watched a movie downstairs, I kept sewing and watched Love Actually. I sewed until my eyes crossed and loosened in their sockets. My neck was throbbing; Trevor came up and rubbed it for me. How sweet he is.

Then I took a break for dinner. I made chicken and stuffing with homemade gravy. The boys also helped me fix an acorn squash with brown sugar and butter; they thought that was super exciting and it kept them busy for a while. In fact, their squash comprised about 95% of Moo's dinner as she was picky for that meal as well.

After cleaning up the dinner dishes and running the dishwasher, I grabbed my phone to call my mom and tell her all that I had accomplished today. I wanted to tell her that I'd wished she was hear to eat chicken and stuffing and squash with us. To tell her that I missed seeing her. But my phone was dead. I am switching to a new service and they chose this exact instant to turn off my phone. Right when I needed to call my mommy. I hope my new phone is here soon.

So instead, I sat down to sew again. I got another 2 hours in. I should be able to finish after church tomorrow.

Now the kids are in bed and I am done working for the day.

Soon the dogs will both need to go outside for another round of "Please po0p outside. Please? Please pee. Please. PEE. POOP!" It is frickin' cold as a witch's ass out there and lollygagging at potty time is not nice. I'll have to put on my boots and my hooded sweatshirt and my puffer coat and make two treks out into the Arctic. Doesn't make much sense for me to crawl into bed yet because I will fall asleep before these much-needed potty trips.

I am tired.

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