November 20, 2008

Living Green and Rocking it Out

Pursuant to my aforementioned List of Lists, please find my new list of FOUND items, thrifted in the past couple of days.

dress up- 3 or 4 suitcases to keep dress up/toys in (need these anyway) - total cost $4.00
overalls - $0.25
hats and wigs - total cost $12
suspenders - $3.50 for 2 pair
clip on ties - $1
desk for Andy - Christmas! - $5
silver glass ornaments - $1
4 buttons (eyes for two stuffed WIPs) - $3
curtain panel for storage room window - $2
2 food storage containers - found 3 for $3
globe - Christmas for Andy! - Ebay for $12
alarm clocks for the boys - $4
travel pillow - $0.50
doll bed for Mabel (not on the list) - $3

Oh, I can feel the GREEN! I didn't have to buy anything brand new and I saved a TON of money. Have you any idea how much money I saved on those suitcases alone? Holy CRAP! We needed them to travel back to Ohio in a month anyway (well, I would have used laundry baskets instead of buying them at full price, had I not found them). They would have cost over $150 for all 3 easily. And the green and black cases are in near-mint condition - they were a buck apiece! I scrubbed the large, gold case for almost an hour and now it's pretty, too - it was $2.

Andy's desk is a flashback from my junior high days. Near-mint condition chair with attached desk - metal, modern frame, turquoise fiberglass seat and gray fiberglass desktop. Not a single mark on the seat or desk. He's been asking for one for 2 months and now Santa has it hidden in the storage room until Christmas. All for $5.

More to come on Mabel's new doll bed. I found it for $3 and looked it up online. It's an Eames era original from Creative Playthings (no longer manufactured) and valued over $200! It's gorgeous and in beautiful used condition, missing just one of the rubber nubs at the bottom of one bed leg. I'm in love with it and have many plans for play. More to come, more to come.

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