November 19, 2008

Living Green, a List of Lists

The other night I sat in the bed after putting the kids to bed and watching Grey's Anatomy, Season 2 with my notebook and pen in my hand. I could not. stop. thinking. I couldn't stop writing. I was feeling all sort of inspiration - and not just inspiration to create and gather, but GREEN inspiration. Ways to get what I wanted and needed that didn't involve a lot of money or theft. I wrote and wrote, and listed and listed, and when I was done I passed out from exhaustion. But not before first deciding to put this list of lists on my blog.

plant boxed spring veggie garden:
cherry tomatoes
green onions
check for eco-friendly planters, fertilizers, rabbit repellents
can I use 2 dresser drawers?

to make:
pork with roasted cinnamon pears (here from Everyday Food)
sweet potato risotto (here from Real Simple)
make soup (veggie, potato, chili)
look up eco-friendly food storage for freezer

Mom's stuffed green peppers (kind of rice? - call Mom)

thrift search:
musical instruments (keyboard, tamborine, guitars) - Christmas!
dress up
- 3 or 4 suitcases to keep dress up/toys in (need these anyway)
- overalls
- glasses (remove glass)
- hats and wigs
- costumes - not scary
- suspenders
- clip on ties
small coffee pot
desk for Andy - Christmas!
games or puzzles (checkers)
silver glass ornaments
4 buttons (eyes for two stuffed WIPs)
2 end tables
curtain panel for storage room window
2 food storage containers
large metal sign letters (R, T, A, M)
globe - Christmas for Andy!
used DS games - Christmas for Trevor!
Christmas cards
antique pear ornaments
antique bird ornaments
full size bed for Trevor (Moo to get his twin)
girlie twin sheets
alarm clocks for the boys
decanter for homemade chocolate sauce
travel pillow

shopping list:
63' thin silver garland
honey crisp apples
4 bell peppers
shelving for the boys' rooms
2'x4' - 1" foam for doll mattress (thrift? tear out of old pillow?)

to do:
finish dolls and clothes for etsy shop
free motion quilt for Moo
DCWV home sayings - apply or return
finish WIPs
bind quilt
paint orange/red frame
paint 2 white frames
reorg frame wall
make "mattress" and pillow for Mabel's dolly bed with old blankets
turkey needs 2 days to thaw - mark calendar
make list of Christmas cards
picture for Christmas cards
recycle Moo's unused glass bottles
make washcloths out of Moo's flannel receiving blankets
make gift list for Christmas

I did make that gift list, but because some of the giftees read my blog, I'm not posting it. There was also a grocery list, but I'll spare you that as well.

What can I say? If you're going to love me, you're going to love all of me. Including this neurotic list-making obsession I have.

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