November 7, 2008

Pretending I'm Snowed In - and - OLIVE IN BOOTS

We got snow last night. Only about an inch, but enough for Olive to refuse to go po0p for 16 hours. She needed a coat and boots in order to po0p. Poor girl was cold. Might have had something to do with the 40 mph winds and 0 degree wind chill, too.

So I succumbed to the pets-in-clothing thing. Oy.

At first, the parka and boots were a bit hard to negotiate and Olive was ass over elbows for a few minutes.

She looks a bit embarrased, no?

Oh, that's better. She's got it worked out now.

Admit it, you've never seen cuter.
Me either.

Also, we have a guest this week. Charlotte is staying with us while Lulu's gang headed to Michigan unexpectedly, and she is refusing to potty outside entirely. She didn't get the memo that this is South Dakota, where snow is a common thing and it's okay to po0p and pee in the snow. Also, she didn't receive the memo that it's not important to bark and howl all night long; you can save your comments for morning. We sure love having her, but it has added a lot of work for me.

So, long story short, I am working from home this week and today I'm pretending to be snowed in. After I get the kids from school, I am sewing some new things for the shop until my eyeballs fall out.

And then I'm going to scrapbook. Using paper. And adhesive. And actual photos. OOOoooohh!

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  1. That is so adorable!!!

    We've been getting a bunch of rain in Texas this winter. Last weekend I took my dog to the dog park and we saw a Great Dane in sneakers. It was awesome. Just like Olive! :)