November 14, 2008

A Very Generic Update

Oh let's see here. What have we been up to since my last post?

Parent Teacher Conferences were yesterday. Both Andy and Trevor are excelling academically. Both are ahead of their peers in reading, spelling, and math. Andy excels at Social Studies and his class isn't even doing Social Studies yet. Both teachers are thrilled to have such inquisitive students. Andy's behavior is so much better than it was at the beginning of the year (which was better than last year), there is virtually no concern there anymore. Well, beyond normal first grader stuff. Trevor's behavior needs some work - he's still blurting out answers without raising his hand, interrupting, and not paying attention. We know he doesn't have ADD, so it's just part of Trevor's wiring that we're all working to untangle together. He's doing remarkably better in the classroom - all green and yellow days for the month of November. That is a HUGE deal.

Mabel is the little engineer. She took apart her high chair strap just now. She likes to unload the cabinets and drawers and walks around with onions from time to time. (Courtesy of the cabinet next to the fridge.) She said "doggie" and "uh-oh" this week and continues to babble like... well, like me. And Trevor. Hey - no one ever said I was quiet.

Olive is coming along swimmingly now that we've figured out she has a food intolerance. She loves her new prescription Royal Canin Intestinal Blend Lamb and Rice food that costs $25 for 7 lbs. (What are you gonna do?) She's finally putting on some weight after having the po0ps every day for her whole life. She doesn't know what it's like to only go potty 3 or 4 times in a day. She's in Heaven, for sure. She even grew into her new collar within two weeks. I'd be willing to bet she's put on more than a pound since the new food. She's so playful now that she feels better. It's time for training!

That leaves me. After my immersion into sewing last week I thought for sure I'd be saturated with fabric and ready to move on to something else. Surprisingly though (and this could be partially because the photos I ordered online haven't arrived yet) I'm still sewing. I don't want to look another stocking for... ever... so I'm working on a project

hold on, there goes Moo with a potato.

Okay... so I'm working on some projects I started at my moms and intended to finish first thing here, but you know, life. I'm making Trevor a stuffed elephant and Andy a stuffed crocodile. Then I'm going to alter the pattern and make a hippo for Moo. I also haven't forgotten that I have three naked dolls downstairs that could make perfect Christmas gifts from my Etsy Shop once finished. Well, that seems a bit adventurous. I'm just wanting to get the elephant and crocodile done so I can get them out of my cabinet.

So that's it really. That and some laundry to put away. Maybe some Golden Girls or Kung Fu Panda and a library trip. I finally got smart and reserved some books online so they would be ready to pick up in a flash. I'm ready to start a new undead series since I've read all of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books already. I didn't think I'd like them, but Lulu convinced me and I'm glad she did.

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