December 2, 2008

26 Things

I'm late in this post, but I've wanted to do it since before turkey day.

Clearly, I'm beyond thankful for my God, my children, my family, and my friends. So, since they top the list, I didn't include them on this list of things I'm thankful for.

A - apples, honeycrisp and granny smith to be exact
B - British accents; they make me swoony
C - coffee, from Starbucks
D - my dog, even though she looks humiliated and stinks sometimes
E - the still of the early morning
F - fabulous furniture, mid-century modern, to be exact
G - it's a tie between Golden Girls and Grey's Anatomy
H - Heaven, because I can't wait to see my dad
I - Ice cream, soft serve chocolate with crunch coat, if you care
J - Jaegermeister and Red Bull - hey, no shame here - also comfy jeans and Jimmy Eat World
K - a first kiss, or imagining it anyway
L - Love Actually
M -My mom's smell: Sea Island Cotton lotion and powder and tea and yummy
N - New shoes
O - Opportunities, and grasping them with gusto
P - da Plains - still loving it
Q - Q-tips - without them, Trevor would have gardens growing out of his head
R - Random acts of kindness
S - Sewing and coconut shrimp at Bracco
T - tomato soup from Minerva's - absolute the best ever
U - "uh - oh!" - Mabel at 14 months
V - Vintage clothing
W - water - for swimming, for bathing, for playing
X - yes, I'm thankful for my X because while he gives me a headache, he also gave me the 3 kidlets
Y - Y's Buys thrift store (it's not my most favorite, but it's a Y)
Z - zurbts (is that how you spell that?) on Mabel's tummy

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