December 6, 2008

Being Productive in Bed

The boys got me a gorgeous bag for Christmas today.

(that's clearly not me - and yes, I know it's big... I looooove it)

And some organic wool yarn for my birthday.

And they don't even know it yet. Thanks to Etsy. :)

I'm in a scarf-making mood. Hmmm.... I've been feeling all sorts of creative lately. (Anyone ever tell you that making something with your hands is a good substitute for hanky panky? If they do, don't believe them. It's totally NOT the same.) Ahem.

Anyway, I'm off to bed to watch some tube and sew the binding on my quilt. At least I'm doing something productive in the sack.

*hangs head*

Did I really just say that? On my blog? I must really, really, need to make something else.


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