December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

Some of you have heard that today is my birthday.

I would like to tell you that yes, I did in fact turn 32 today.

Except something is telling me that I can pause this year, perhaps. I have been through a hell of a lot in the past year. I'd ask for a do-over, except I've loved lots about the past 365 days. Well, the sex hasn't been great because I haven't had any. I haven't loved that part. The rest was fantastic. But I don't feel 32. Can I be 30 again instead?

I had to post today because so many people sent me birthday wishes that I felt bad for having not bragged my birthday was coming up. On Facebook, even. Holy cow! Well, thanks. And, what's up with that?!?!

Even Eye Candy dropped by the blog and left a comment; made me swoon all day long.

It's my day.

I bought some new lacy, lusty intimates from Vicky's for my birthday present. I might not be getting any, but I can look fantastic during my drought.

Lulu is coming over and after we tuck our kids into bed (her entire crew is sleeping over), we're going to watch Season 3 of The Office until we fall asleep laughing our fool heads off. Then tomorrow, more friends are taking me out for dinner and drinks. How lucky am I? Except for missing my mom, BeckAY, and some hot man love, my world rocks right now. I've got a great job, awesome friends, and 3 super cool kids.

I, my friends, am a ROCKSTAR.

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