December 31, 2008

They're Baaaaack

The kids were dropped off with me at 5pm today. I was relieved, to put it mildly.

Some of the things I have heard or discovered in the 2 hours since:

- Shoes' mother said that I must have reached into Mabel's closet and pulled out all the ugly clothes for her visit. I am incredibly hurt but not surprised. Yes, Shoes' mother only believes you look pretty if you're dressed like a 1980's hooker. Consequently, she never liked my looks.

- I was told that Shoes' mother also commented on how, this week, they would get some good food in them, finally.

- Shoes' mother (can you see a pattern here?) was very mad when I phoned because it was "dad's time" after all. No mention of how her son refused to visit his kids for almost 6 months, no. Nope. Because he's perfect, don't you know?

- All 3 of them are sick and strung out. Exhausted and emotional about everything.

- Both of the boys had their heads shaved. (Moo's curls were not damaged, thank God.) Both say they hate it, but they'd never tell their dad that.

- Shoes told me that he hoped Andy would shoot me with the bow and arrow Santa brought him. Seriously.

I knew I wouldn't have to ask a single question to find out how their visit went. Because it's not fair of me to ask and put them in the middle. This doesn't bother me because I also knew that they would tell their mama anything they were thinking, which is how all of this came out. They trust me - and that is a great feeling.

I'm sure there will be more. And yes, if you're curious, taking the high road all the time DOES give me headaches. I wish I had a little more 'kick ass' in me sometimes.

We head home soon. I can't wait. More then...

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  1. How did Mabel do? I can't believe he shaved their heads....I think I would need more than a strong drink to calm my nerves.