January 1, 2009

4 Resolutions

Crap. I forgot I had to make at least one resolution today.


  1. I will stop allowing Shoes to hurt me. Through his mother, his children, or on his own, I need to stop letting this in. My resolution is to talk with him only when I have to and to let his comments roll off of me. Easier said than done, so I will need help with this one, but I want to STOMP THE LIVIN' TAR out of this monkey on my back.
  2. I will live healthier in 2009. Not so much losing weight, more about tightening up. Eat better; feed my kids better. This is also about improving my mental body image... doing things that make me feel pretty.
  3. I will be even more content with what I have and less interested in upgrading or changing things. I want to continue to live green and make even more of an impact.
  4. LIVE life and worry less. Analyze less. This translates into not being afraid to lock eyes with a man and feel swoony. I'm worth it!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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