January 11, 2009

Curly Moo

This post brought to you by Mabel, "The Moo-Rae."

I gave Mabel a bath late yesterday afternoon. We washed with our favorite Method Mallow Baby Soap. Apparently rice milk and mallow bring out the Moo's curls. I didn't notice them because while I was towel drying her pudgy self, the dog tried to lick her nose off, Andy came up for a navel assult since Moo was naked, and Trevor was whining about having to take the dog out. In other words, I lost my mind and really wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. I towel dried her head, lotioned and dressed her, and then went into the kitchen to make dinner.

About 20 minutes later, Mabel was underfoot and I looked down to see curls EVERYWHERE. They were so darling, I had to call Nana to tell her.

Well, hello, Miss Moo-Rae.

I like your curls. Can I see them?

Sure, Mama.

How 'bout this side? Did you see this side?

Notice my angelic ear curls.


Bye, bye, Mama!

And then she was off, on her way to play her favorite new game (run around the couch - and dining room table - and in and out of the kitchen really, really fast), tugging behind her favorite new toy. Sorry, Nana, it's not the blocks. It's the BAG. She tugs it behind her everywhere she goes most days.

She's shorter than the couch and dining room table, so no pictures during that point of the race. Whoop - here she comes, back into the kitchen with her bag.

Oh, yes.

A Moo-Run-Run-Run, A Moo-Run-Run.

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