January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

My boys are obsessed with Chinese culture; they think it is the coolest thing ever. It all began when Trevor had his first "girlfriend" at preschool. She was a lovely little girl, who happened to be Chinese. Trevor - even now - remembers that she was very good at math, and could read and write (at age four). He says he liked her also because she had "very pretty, shiny hair and beautiful eyes. And she was super smart," he says. Apparently all of the little boys in class fought over sitting beside her, or sharing snack with her.

Now whenever anything is on television having to do with China, the boys are glued to it. The Olympics were eaten up with a spoon around this house, believe me. All of the parades and celebrations were of more interest than the sporting events.

At this exact moment, Trevor and Andy are building a pink Chinese jail out of Mabel's blocks, supporting Chinese jail research done by Trevor in the school library.

So, two weeks ago, I marked today's date on the calendar. It is Chinese New Year; the Year of the Ox. The boys asked for food from China tonight as well, so we're waiting on our delivery from the local best Chinese restaurant.

On the menu for this evening:

Egg drop soup
Crab rangoon
Sweet and sour chicken
Shrimp and vegetables

I realize it's not terribly special, but I had to pick something that the boys would actually try. I'm hoping they eat some chicken and rice, at the very least.

Pictures to come, hopefully.

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