January 17, 2009

Hello, Shoes

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I have been debating over this for a few weeks. I have decided to be polite. Because, Lord have mercy, I am nothing if not polite.

Friends, I believe (and why not, the internet is public after all) that Shoes has been popping on to the site recently. Let's all say hello. HI, SHOES!

Yep. Calling you out.

Are you looking to take up quilting? Photography? Nosing to see how I'm reacting to life on my own or to your new not-yet-divorced love life? Wondering how I've been describing the crazy? Wondering if I've blogged about the things you're worried I blogged about?

Let me save you some drama. I haven't blogged about any of the crazy or the ugly. Because I have class. Good thing you married a girl with class instead of bushy hair and fake nails!

I should say thank you, I guess. You made me a better woman for the next man God sees into my life, in fact. Hold on though, don't go getting braggy about that; I mean that what you've put me through for the years I've trudged through it has made me ONE HELL OF A GOOD WOMAN. One you no longer have. So, yes, thank you. For transforming me into someone WAY stronger than I ever thought I was. I can certainly kick some ass these days.

But you don't get full credit for my rockstar status. That goes to my kids and my friends.

So, sit back, have a gin & tonic or a Captain & coke and read all you like. But I warn you - in addition to a rousing good helping of the Truth, God is in this place, and in the hearts of all of my friends. So beware. You stop by here and the Holy Spirit might rub off on ya.

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  1. LOL.....I love the Holy Spirit!!! And its definitely contagious too!! All the time God is good and God is good all the time. That's just something we say around my parts and thought I would share.

    And Rachel you are a very classy lady.

    By the way I found this really cute blog and found this fun post..its so green to make your own undergarments...don't ya think?