January 10, 2009

A Late December

I'm not quite a month late, so I can still do a Christmas post, right? No? Well, let's just call this an all-inclusive December medley then, shall we?


First, I give you "The Holiday Zoobilee."

Can't see Andy? He's the penguin in the middle wearing a blue Tshirt. Next to the kid wearing a SUIT AND TIE. I did not send him out of the house in a Tshirt; I sent him out wearing a nice sweater on TOP of this Tshirt. His teacher said that as soon as I was out of sight, he stripped. Crazy child, but incredibly cute as a little penguin.

Don't ask me what kind of instrument that thing is. And, again, right next to the kid in the suit and tie. *Hangs head.*

Trevor was a leopard.

A leopard, playing triangle.

Good times.


I found a great sale at the fabric store in December. The thread was so pretty, I had to take a picture. Just having these sitting on the dresser in the living room makes me feel inspired to sew. I need to handsew something soon. And I want to knit; it's been years since I've knit.

In feeling very homey before Christmas, I also made a homemade chicken pot pie. I know everyone has variations (and Mindy's is delicious with cheese!), but this is mine: Poached chicken, blanched/boiled FRESH vegetables, and a roux to pour on top of the mixture.

Mabel observes while it bakes:

She observed for a looooong time.


For my birthday, Mindy gifted me another season of The Golden Girls and a slumber party. We invited a German, wore our hair in ponytails, did a facial mask, and watched hours of The Office. Total fun. (Note my incredibly cute new glasses.)

Santa Claus came to our house early because we were going to Ohio for the actual holiday. Andy very much loved his new school desk (that I found for $5 at Goodwill).

Mabel was very appreciative of her new baby doll.

And Trevor, well, as you can see, Trevor loved his DS games.

I also managed to hammer out two flannel and cotton scarves, one for each of them, the night before Santa came.

All in all, a very productive December.

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