January 12, 2009

Sacked Out and Snowed In

I got a phone call this afternoon, letting me know that school would be getting out at 1:00. South Dakota is good for blizzards in the winter time.

I snapped this picture off of our back deck when I got home with the kids.

See the truck?

Don't see it? It's there.


No thanks. I think we'll stay inside today. I think I'll stay inside and work on Mabel's afghan and watch a movie, and remember when my back view looked like this:

Even Mabel has sacked out.

Sacked out and snowed in. That's what we are today.


There are some changes around me right now, some things I am praying about and for. I cannot share them here, but I would love your prayers. Please pray that God continues to bless my ability to support our family and that His will is done. Thank you.

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