January 1, 2009

So, How Did They Do???

Since so many of you asked me this, I thought I'd update again. And also, I'm feeling less hostile toward my ex-mother in law. Well, kinda.

Trevor spent most of the night last night throwing up, the poor guy, and when I called his dad to see if he could bring some medicine, he told me to pack the kids up and get it myself. Oh yes, he did. So anyway, Trevor was only a bit blabby and gave me the bits about Shoes' mother and told me that she had made him feel bad every time he wanted to call me. Consequently, he said exactly 5 words before saying goodbye each time I did call; he didn't want to make her mad.

Andy said he had some fun, but he was SUPER emotional when he got home. I thought it was because he was missing Daddy, but now I think he was just overloaded and missing me. Poor kid. He laid on top of me for a couple of hours, crying about everything (his pajamas were toooooo biiiiiiiigggg, his noooose waaaas ruuuuuunnning, Twevor was siiiiick). Poor kid shed more tears in 2 hours than I've seen in a long time. Andy also shared with me that, while they were with Dad, they were "on vacation" and didn't have to clear their plates after dinner, clean up any toys, or mind any house rules. Dad let them freely jump on the couch and backtalk. I had to put a stop to that pretty quick.

Mabel cried for a good portion of last evening, too. She was hungry and tired and the poor girl was made to wear an awful velour jumper on top of leggings - with pantyhose underneath. Considering Shoes' mother doesn't go ANYwhere without pantyhose to hold her bulge in, it was easy to tell who had dressed her. She was uncomfortable, the poor thing. After dinner and a sippy of milk she went to bed. This morning I woke up and looked over at her and she had one leg up and OVER the edge of the pack & play. I'm not ready for that. Now she's following my mother and I around holding her hands up. She was obviously carried around for 7 days. She'll get used to our routine again soon. I can tell she missed me; she hugs me and pats my back. Very sweet.

And here I am. Super pissed off that Shoes hasn't called back to even check on Trevor being sick. Did I mention that he had to check with Feet to see if he could go get medicine? I realize it was New Year's Eve, but I called before 9pm. It was HIS SON. I could one day come to blows with him over shit like this. When he disses his kids, the gloves come OFF.

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