January 17, 2009

Teach Your Daughter To Vacuum

I adore having children for a variety of reasons. One of them is that, when they get old enough, you can give them responsibilities around the house. Responsibilities which, in turn, take a load off of you. I think it is very important that children know they need to pitch in and earn their keep - as part of their way of thanking you for taking care of them. It's the beginning of a good work ethic, in my opinion.

Trevor loves to clean the bathrooms and the floorboards. I have no idea why, but these are his favorite tasks. He has also been helping sort and put away folded laundry for almost 4 years.

Andy likes to dust and wipe things down. He is not good at organizing and that's okay; he does other tasks that are equally helpful. Andy is also the one I ask most to take the garbage and the recycling out. He has been dusting and doing garbage for about 3 years.

I have started to integrate kitchen duties into their lists now - more will be coming soon. I'd like for them to clean up the kitchen after I cook dinner. Nothing elaborate... clearing off the table, rinsing the dishes, and loading the dishwasher. Wiping off the table and countertops. Trevor is tall enough to stand at the sink and clean pots and pans as well. So, that's on the horizon.

It has not escaped my attention that I have another helper coming up. I can't wait to teach Mabel to sew and cook! And vacuum. (Can't trust the boys with the vacuum yet.)

This morning was a cleaning sort of morning. I cleaned the kitchen, stripped beds, and started laundry. I decided to mop. Before I could mop, I had to vacuum. When I had my vacuum out and started unwinding the cord, I noticed a little someone behind me.

Okay. Great! Never too early for a vacuuming lesson. And since one of my in-laws obliged by getting her a toy vacuum for Christmas, we set about cleaning the house together.

First, we put our machines on "bare floors" and vacuumed the crumbs from the kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes it helps to dance it out at the same time.
Ready, set, carpet!

Notice how she's not even as tall as the canister yet? Shoot. That means she's at least a couple of years away from being able to use the real thing.

Okay, back to work. Time to do the hall and the bedrooms upstairs.

Admit it, you've never seen cuter vacuuming in your whole life.

Am I the luckiest mama or what?

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