February 1, 2009

3 Little Wigs

I think it's very important that children use their imaginations daily. My boys love Transformers and Rescue Heroes. They play Power Rangers and Star Wars all the time. And I'm sure that Mabel will be obsessed with Barbies one day. However, sometimes, you just have to shove their imaginations out of the nest, so to speak, and let them come up with the ideas on their own.

When we moved out here I knew I wanted to have different toys in addition to all of the super hero action figures they already had. I wanted kitchen and food toys, muscial instruments - and have found them here and there at Goodwill, Savers, and Target (most recently, recorders for $2 each). I also wanted a slew of dress up clothes, boy friendly-of course. We have overalls and hats, suspenders, and off-season Halloween costumes aplenty. I also found some wigs while shopping. Oh, Lord, the wigs.

Last night, Trevor brought the newest 3 wigs ($5 each at Savers, brand new) upstairs. I was in a terrible mood because the children were Dev1l's spawn all afternoon. Trevor stuck the first wig on Mabel and all hell broke loose.

Grab your gut, because this is going to get crazy, quick. I present to you the 3 little wigs:

First, wig #1, or as I like to call it, Church Lady.

Looks like she's ready to bring round a few pies for the spring social, doesn't it? Pouffed her hair up a bit too high on top.

The Church Lady is a bit addelpated, too, you see. She's staring off into the stained-glass windows. Spent too much time shining the pews with Pledge.

Ready to sign up some more kids for piano lessons.

Next up, wig #2, also known as "Annette Funicello." Annette here is feeling light and gay. She's ready for beach blanket fun this summer.

The ocean wind is blowing her hair from her face.

She's counting up all the boys standing in line, waiting to take her to the picture show.

Last, we have the PTO President. Looks a lot like Judy circa 1988, when she was, in fact, PTO President. She's ready to plan the Fall festival and Halloween party. Ready to count how many kids will bob for apples.

Hmmmm. Maybe not.

Imaginitive play. I'm telling you, it's important.

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