February 10, 2009

Buying Fabric Online

Of course I have a favorite quilt shop in my hometown. Now that you are all quilting, you all have a favorite quilt shop, right? Right? And you haven't been dragging your spouses to the store and leaving them in car have you? Poor guys.

Sometimes I want the latest fabrics and can't find them at my favorite store. So, I look online.

I have a few favorite places - Purl Soho is one. I usually order from Etsy, though. Here are some of my favorites (chosen as I mentally planned quilts for each of my kiddos):

From Fabricworm:

From Fabric Supplies:

Yes, those are pigs. In striped shirts, with umbrellas. They are saying, "Mary Poppins Boo!"

(Andy is going to flip his little lid when he sees these freaky fresh dogs.)

One word of caution, though. When you are ordering online, pay close attention to shipping costs and method (many popular Japanese prints like those above come from overseas), and to MEASUREMENT. Goodness measures their fabrics in cms instead of inches. Do the conversion before you buy!!!
Disclaimer: I realize that ordering Japanese fabric from European retailers is not the most green option. However, I have looked at numerous sites to choose the best combination of logistics to work into my future purchases. And of course, there is price - that matters a lot. Japanese prints (the cuteness of which American designers have just not been able to duplicate yet) are pricey, so finding several fabrics in one store is a good idea. Also, plan your purchases so you only order once a year, for example. And use every. single. square. inch. of the fabric. Not an ounce to waste. In the end, it is okay to do something you know isn't green - but make the decision smartly (and greenly) and then make up for it by recycling, planting a tree, or by making your own green laundry soap. You know, just for example.


  1. how to pick, how to pick?????

  2. I love that little Parisian Girl fabric...she (fabric Supplies) no longer has it in her shop. Can you tell me who makes it/what it is called so I can search for it?!


  3. I love the blue squares fabric (second from the top). It's like an optical illusion. As I scroll past it the squares look like they move. Either that, or else I've been at my computer too long. :)