February 23, 2009

I Have An Illness

I must confess a new addiction.

Her name is Heather Ross. I have loved her fabric for a while, too novice to realize what (or whom) I was working with. Now that I know, I had to search her out and buy up a few more of her fabric lines. Many of the yummiest ones are out of print. Oh my holy goodness.


I am warning you.

These are heading to my home very soon (mixed in with a bit of Katie Jump Rope from Denyse Schmidt):

A newer line, Mendocino...

Her Japanese lines...

Good thing I bought that solid broadcloth. No way I'm using up all of these at once. I must stretch them out f.o.r.e.v.e.r. YUM.

And will you just look at her new line coming this spring (to Japan, anyway)?

I am already on the list for my US distributor (don't I sound all professional? What I'm saying is, I'm stalking the person who is going to carry it on etsy...) and may hold off on making a quilt for Moo until I get Far, Far Away. Actually, I may make this one for myself. Unicorns and princesses and frogs? Oh my.

Her fabrics puts me in fits. Fits, I tell you!


A continued thank you to everyone that has contacted me about Mountain Baby Blankets. If you are interested in making a blanket for a baby in Appalachian Kentucky, please click here.


  1. I just got a quarter yard of the tadpole fabric - it's adorable!

  2. It's good stuff I tell you! I have some of Heather Ross VW stuff in pink. LOVE IT! I have a lot of what you showed in the first picture. It's great stuff. Enjoy.

  3. i also have the hr bug!! i think it is easily caught and spreads very quickly! :)

    i was looking on her blog yesterday and saw the far, far, and away fabrics. aren't they so yummy!!!

  4. oh, i forgot to let you know that i'm using the silly doodilly's tutorial for the wonky stars


    hope that helps! :)

  5. Here it is:

    BTW There is a Heather Ross flickr group... I have heaps of her stuff I even made a quilt for my son using it - it has a lot of Kona Cotton in it... :o)

  6. I LUV Heather Ross...I made clothes for my kids out of her fabrics and they were SO adorable. I loved her goldfish in little baggies. I'm also touched by your request for blankets! I'm linking and if I can ever get a date night with my sewing machine, I'll work a couple of them up!