February 26, 2009

Look at These!

More! Already shipped to the Christian Appalachian Project on behalf of Mountain Baby Blankets because of YOU.

Thank you!

More on Flikr!
So, the kids and I have been running crazy. Still getting into the groove with the new job and routines. I'm struggling with cooking at home this week. I hope to menu plan this weekend.
Also on tap this weekend is lots and lots of sewing. I am off to my room to sort scraps and flip between a rerun of The Office and a rerun of Grey's.


  1. i'm so thrilled for you Rachel, that your idea, your project, already has such wings and life and is just flying along so well! good job! and such divine inspiration! hooray!

  2. Rachel,
    I'm going to finish up the binding wash it - then I will post pictures on flikr. I have an account now so hopefully I can figure things out. I will go to the mountain baby blanket account though right??? I'm such a newbie!:) Someone asked if this was a baby size and it's bigger but I thought we could do bigger also. I will do different sizes. It's hard for me to go small though. I like something and want it to keep going.:) Have a great night. YOU are making a difference!!!! thank you! Heather