February 19, 2009

So, We're Official

How cool is that?

I spoke this morning with my contact at the Christian Appalachian Project about Mountain Baby Blankets. She was so excited! She explained that the CAP organization goes out into the community to care for many teen moms in Appalachian Kentucky. There is a great need for warm blankets there. They will be the agency putting our handmade blankets directly into the pudgy little hands of those in need.

Specifically, they have requested:
  • Receiving-size blankets
  • Blankets for swaddling (flannel, for example)
  • Crib size quilts and blankets
  • Child/toddler size quilts and blankets
  • Twin size quilts and blankets

They have requested nothing larger than twin size.

Any comfortable material is fine, however, we must remember not to use anything that could choke a baby - buttons or beads or loose appliqué, for example. All materials should be machine washable. Please keep these things in mind while you are sewing.

Let's talk for a minute about sizing - for those of you picking up a needle (or rotary cutter) for the first time. These measurements are only approximate; sew what you'd like.

  • Receiving / Swaddling Size: approx. 30" x 40" (receiving/swaddling blankets should be thin - flannel or broadcloth are great for this)
  • Crib Size: approx. 36" x 50"
  • Toddler Size: approx. 50" x 75" (this includes the drop on the sides - the part that hangs over the edge of the mattress)
  • Twin Size: approx. 81" x 110" (this includes the drop on the sides - the part that hangs over the edge of the mattress)

You can find more information on quilt sizing at a favorite resource of mine - the Quilt Center - here.

Please contact me by email (address over there in my profile ------> ) when your blanket is finished and I will provide the address for mailing. I would also love to blog a photo of your finished blanket, so send them my way!

Ladies, pick up your needles!


  1. If you have any need for a smaller 18 x 18" "taggie" security blanket, I'm happy to contribute. Tough not meant for warmth, it is more of a luxury I guess. I saw the Dianne Sawyer episode and am so glad you're doing something. Awesome!

  2. this is such a wonderful idea. i'd love to make something. do you have a time frame that you're planning to give them to CAP to distribute the blankets?

  3. I will add the button and get sewing! I'll email you when I have mine done, THanks! And is there any sort of deadline or time frame? Thanks! -Allison

  4. Hi, I just found you through Cluck, Cluck Sew. I, too, watched Dianne's special last Friday and wanted to do something to help those folks. I was born in WVA - very poor, but not as poor as those shown. We were clean, had good food, and were never cold or hungry.

    I will start making some simple blankets this weekend and will let you know when I've finished one.

    Thanks so much for coordinating this!

  5. Hi Rachel,

    I just posted something about this on my blog and asked others to give it attention as well. Together, we can make a huge difference.

    Thanks so much for coordinating this!!!

  6. I just added your button to my blog, I have a lot of flannel, so I'm planning to sew up some receiving/swaddling blankets for you

  7. Bless your heart for doing this!!
    Yes I am in! Lord knows I have the fabric to use. Can think of no better way to use it!!
    Will put something on my blog in next few days!

  8. Send me the address. :o)

    BTW, "the cool kids" have been using solids with prints for quilt a while ala Denyse Schmidt... It provides a place for your eyes to rest & really makes the other prints pop, too!

  9. Just to confirm (after our e-mails yesterday) that I've added the button on my blog and will pull out some of my quilts over the weekend to ship off to KY (and, yes, I'll share photos with you).

    This is such a WONDERFUL effort! Thank you for motivating us...