February 23, 2009

Thank You

For the record, I think I could start the next 271 blog posts with "oh gosh," "oh my," "oh wow," or "thank you." And I just might anyway.

Since I originally posted my idea about the Mountain Baby Blankets project and the babies in Appalachian Kentucky who very much needed our blankets, the following has happened:
  • 60 people have contacted me, asking to help

  • Our project has been highlighted on Heartstrings, a quilting community

  • 1,023 people visited this blog on Friday

  • 20+ people have added a Mountain Baby Blankets button to their website (send me an email if you want the code)

  • 6 quilts (3 crib, 3 twin) have been marked for shipping to the CAP

  • 12 receiving blankets were banged out by the talented Cathy Holt (aren't they cozy?!)

... and countless more of you are working on making a contribution to this great cause as well. And this is only a week in! Amazing. Let's keep it coming! Thank you!

I will be establishing a PO box for shipments within the next couple of days and will share that when you email me, ready to ship. Weekend crazy and a child with a boo-boo got the better of me this weekend, but I am resolute to have this done ASAP.

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