February 6, 2009

This Week

A weekly roundup of highlights from a new chapter in our lives:

  • Monday: New job with more stability. (PRAISE!) Work until 5pm, get kids home from child care at 6pm. Olive has made a TREMENDOUS mess because her bladder and butt didn't get the memo that new work hours = new potty pattern. Bathe dog and wash kennel. Clean kitchen and put out clothes for the next day (for all of us). Pack Mabel's lunch. Grilled chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner - clean kitchen again. Dishes. Laundry. Backpacks and paper signing. Leftover Chocolate Orange Drops. Crochet 2 feet of a new scarf.

  • Tuesday: Olive has only slightly less mess to clean up. Shower the kids. Dinner is beef and noodles. Clean kitchen. Pack Mabel's lunch and go through backpacks. Fold and put away laundry. Answer personal emails. Draw out squares for quilt. Put out garbage. Lay out clothes.

  • Wednesday: Stop home to let the dog out and then it's off to the grocery with the kids. Put away groceries, clean kitchen, set out food for tomorrow's dinner. Laudry. Pay bills and organize checkbook. Lay out clothes. Work on scarf.

  • Thursday - Incredibly busy (love it!) day at work; hit the ground running! Delicious chuck roast and vegetables (with homemade gravy) for dinner. Clean kitchen. Register boys for spring baseball. Boys shower. Organize family room, make list of things to declutter this weekend. Parent/Teacher conference by phone. Lay out clothes. Grey's Anatomy.

  • Friday - Tonight I'm planning homemade pizza or spaghetti for dinner. Need to finish and fold two loads of laundry. The boys have matchbox cars they need to pick up in the family room. Mabel needs a bath. I have to plan my menu for next week/organize my freezer so I can pull it out easily. Vacuum. Finish a scarf.

This weekend I am planning Cauliflower Soup and these chocolate crinkle cookies. Making two boy-friendly Valentine boxes. I also want to make some more homemade dishwashing detergent and the new laundry detergent I just posted about. I need to plan my wardrobe for next week and get my taxes together. I also need to piece some of my quilt and get to the post office Saturday morning. I promised Andy we would work on his latch hook craft together. I might even scrapbook!

Feeling like I have lots of energy. I'm feeling humbled and blessed by God for all of his bounty: my new job, the kids, family, and friends. I am feeling proud of myself for overcoming constant change and struggle in the past 18 months. I am grateful for friends who haven't given up on me or stopped listening. I am hopeful. I am happy.

I'm also exhausted. :)

This single mom business is tremendously rewarding from the right perspective (how lucky am I?). It is also never-switch-off constant, painfully unrelenting, and plain harder than ANY JOB you could ever imagine. I am so proud of myself for kicking ass at it *.

* Take that, Shoes. And kiss my grits.

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