March 10, 2009

Another Vintage Ad

I have slowly and deliciously been realizing that, over the last several years of my marriage, I gave up a lot of myself in an effort to make things work. Rachel went missing for a lot of years. But that's not the delicious part.

Oh yes, she came out every now and then in the form of apple-green kitten heels or a men's necktie tied to my neck. Comfy Shoes didn't much care for a lot of the things that make me tick, as it turns out.

I had no idea what was missing until I started getting it back. That rediscovery is entirely delicious. It is like coming up for air.

Oh holy moly, I'm getting ME back!

One of the things I have fell back in love with are vintage ads. I have an advertising mind (and a degree in marketing helps fan these flames, too - it is also my excuse for watching so much television; it's research after all). I love to see colors and lines, and the juxtaposition of something gentle with something not-so-gentle. (Think pearls with jeans.)

Enter this lovely French girl on her motorbike:

and her newest companion (for the family room downstairs), the Marchal kitty cat:


1 comment:

  1. they are GREAT!!!! now show us the apple green kitten heels please.