March 6, 2009

A Big Day

Today is a very big day for Mountain Baby Blankets. A very big day. And I am SO PROUD.

Remember 12-year old Courtney, from the 20/20 Hidden America special (Courtney is second from the right below)?

Courtney was scared because sometimes she and her two sisters don't have food or heat in their house.

Today, the Christian Appalachian Project is delivering these to Courtney and her sisters:

They will be warm tonight.

And do you remember 18-year old expectant-father Jeremy?

Today, Jeremy and his baby are getting a baby quilt and receiving blankets made by YOU.

They will be warm tonight, too.

The Christian Appalachian Project informed me earlier this week that they were taking the first quilts and blankets they had received and driving out to the homes of Courtney and Jeremy this afternoon. I made sure that along with the smiles on their faces and the quilts in their arms, they were packing a camera!



We have shipped 85 blankets so far. Already they are warming children in Appalachian Kentucky. Let's keep sewing!

*If you haven't seen Diane Sawyer's Hidden America on the Children of Mountains and would like to, please watch it here. It's never too late to join us in making handmade blankets for teen moms (and dads) in Appalachian Kentucky. Please leave a comment or send me an email to join us! There is no deadline; the need will always be there.


  1. I am almost done machine quilting the baby blanket as seen in my blog. I hope to get that out in the mail with 12 receiving blankets. sorry a bit long delay but it will be out in the mail

  2. Diane Sawyer should do a follow up story on this great project inspired by the show. 85 blankets is fabulous!

  3. Fabulous! Very glad that you've put this all together. It was a pleasure to contribute my little monkey business quilt and it's great to see what other people have done!

  4. Oh how wonderful!! You should be so proud!! And so should the makers of those quilts - awesome job all!!

  5. oh that is so exciting! such GORGEOUS quilts for the pretty girls!! I'm ready to mail mine!!

  6. hello there, found you through amandajean at crazy mom quilts. would love to help by making a quilt. could you let me know where to send it? my email is
    thank you so much for hosting this. i did not see this on t.v. (I fell asleep) but my husband did and filled me in. so excited to help.

  7. That is SOOOOOOO exciting!!! Thank you so much for hosting this on your blog!! I'm glad to have known about it.