March 23, 2009

Billy Bob and Grandma Mooses

I bet you didn't know that Billy Bob and Grandma Moses were related.

I'm here to tell you, they are.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

He was so proud after that tooth finally came out. His very first.

And, I present to you...

Moo + a (clean) kitchen towel + the rocking chair that was old when I used it as a toddler = GRANDMA MOO-SES

We had a lovely weekend.

It was 60 degrees for most of the weekend, which was GLORIOUS, let me tell you. I got home from work on Friday and opened all of the windows! I had them open again on Saturday and it was so nice to have a fresh breeze blow the germies out. I don't know about any of you, but I hate the stale air inside a home that's been nailed shut all winter long!

After church on Sunday, the boys begged for me to make them soup. I seriously considered having them fingerprinted because, surely, they were not my children. My children never ask for soup. But there they both were, asking for warm, homemade chicken & vegetable soup. I knew they would eat around the carrots and potatoes, but that didn't matter to me; I had to make them some goodness. So, Sunday was spent making (and eating!) soup and watching movies. Oh, and sewing. But that's another post!


  1. I would like to make a quilt for the Mountain Baby Blanket Project. Is it still ok?
    What a wonderful thing!
    Warm wishes,

  2. what a cutie patootie. both of them. we have pictures of our oldest walking around with a kitchen towel on her head too. what was up with that? of course she had dumped an entire box of cheerios on the floor so maybe she thought I couldn't see her then? she's 25 now and doesn't worry nearly so much what mom thinks!