March 16, 2009

Her First Thong

Admit it. You've never seen cuter.

Moo is ready for Spring in her new yellow patent leather thongs. She is ready for market, as you can see by her pink and yellow shopping basket below. She's loaded it full of her favorite things: two maracas, the suckle sow, a variety of vehicles, one Cabbage Patch shoe, and barnyard animals - all of which say, "moo" or "ROAR!"

While Mabel went to Market (For God's sake, look at that piggy right up there! Could you not eat it up?), I figured out how to attach my walking foot to my sewing machine. Then -


"Topquilting" may have just bumped "handstitching-the-binding" down a peg on my list of favorite quilting steps. GLORY. It. is. FUN.

Want to take a guess at how many I topquilted?


Here are two, both for Mountain Baby Blankets:

(Do you see Roo's toes poking out? It was all he could do to hold still. Tee hee.)

Random crisss-cross quilting with purple thread (the likes of which my machine had never seen, by the way). LOVE.

I swear I almost went to get my first two quilts just to topquilt them! It was so. much. fun. Totally solidifies my want of a new machine that will allow me to free motion quilt as well.

I also did some embroidery this weekend while keeping watch over one in my nest who was feeling under the (55 degree) weather. I have appliqued 3 sparrows onto my newest quilt. I can't wait to see it finished!

All in all,

a great weekend.


  1. Oh my I love chubby little baby feet!!!!! What a cutie!!!!

  2. Wow Rachel, you're an inspiration to me! I watched the Mountain Children and felt so helpless. I am going to make some blankies too. Do you remember the boy who slept in his truck to go to high school? I would love to make a quilt for him. Thanks for sharing your fun new topstitching technique and the baby toes. The toes are enough to make anyone happy. Best regards, Elaine

  3. she is so sweet. those feet are so cute. i love that top quilting too! i cut out my quilt for the mountain baby project today!

  4. I have to admit, when I saw the words "her first thong" before I saw the pictures, I wasn't sure I wanted to see them. lol! Not what I had pictured in my mind at all!

  5. Darling shoes. Perfect for splashing in Spring puddles! It's so nice to meet you.

  6. I totally admit it, those are adorable piggies!!! just tooo sweet for words.
    I sent my mountain baby quilt off yesterday.