March 9, 2009

I Was A Little Busy This Weekend

I wanted low key. I satisfied that itch by sleeping in until 10:30. No, I'm not lying. The boys had been sick and so were sleeping themselves well (the only time they ever sleep past 9), Mabel woke but fell back asleep, and I.... well, I looked at the clock once around 8, said a curse word, and rolled over. Next thing I knew, it was going on 11. I had slept 12 hours. TWELVE HOURS. I guess all of the running last week caught up with me. I was stiff and had pillow creases on my face, but it felt wonderful.

Of course, I immediately felt a bit guilty and had to get up, make brunch for everyone (toasted crusty french bread, turkey bacon, and grapes), thank Moo for not disrobing herself before I could get to her (why do babies do this?!?!?!), and get to work.

First I had to finish the laundry I'd started the evening before, using my new homemade laundry detergent. I made it a bit too thick, but after adding water, it works perfectly! If you haven't tried this yet, give it a go. You will not be sorry. You don't even need the essential oils... Fels-Naptha soap smells incredibly clean. So, I folded and put away 4 loads.

As I mentioned, I ordered this beauty for my living room - and delivered it to Michael's for framing this week. So I needed to plan around it.

I moved several framed pictures around and cleared my photo wall. I hung the two mustard shutters I bought at a local antique store last week for $12.

That lovely stool was $7. I want to marry that stool.

So, this shifted some things around. That "R" will be painted orange as soon as I remember to buy the paint.

Random cuteness in my kitchen:

Then I dusted, vacuumed, and mopped the floors. I had to mop before I could roll around in fabric. God forbid a cement macaroni get stuck to a quilt piece. YICK!

This is the quilt top I finished for Mountain Baby Blankets.

The stacked coin quilt was incredibly fun to make. There was quite a bit more piecing, but since I used only scraps and wanted it to be random, I didn't have to plan anything out. I just sewed until the 5 strips ended up the same length.

Here is the pieced back. I love using my scraps/stash for quilt backs. I would have top quilted the thing myself, but I couldn't get my new walking foot to fit on my machine. DRAT.

I am working two others for the Mountain Babies, as well as a quilt for my Etsy shop, and hope to start on another one for me, made of these yummy fabrics soon:

I also experimented with Rit dye this weekend in an attempt to cross this:

and this by VieModerne for my bedroom wall:

First I tried pink, using doilies. The original picture (whose link I cannot for the life of me find - and I tried for more than an hour!) uses doilies and orange thumbtacks. Too cute.

Pink is okay, but a bit bright.

Then came orange. I experimented with the length of time I left the paper in the water. Hmmm.

Then, I decided to work with an old standby: WHITE. Part of me hates that I fall back to this so often.. but hey, it's not as bad as say, beige, right? It's not! So, white. White coffee filters as a matter of fact; I figured they would smoosh up better and not be so generic-looking as the doilies straight out of the package.

So I did about 40 of them.

Finally, I cut some fabric this weekend to make some yo-yo's. I need a handstitching project! I have two specific projects in mind for yo-yo's. The first is to adorn the quilt top I finished last week with a few. I also plan to embroider on it.

The second project is to make something like this (by Coribsmith) to hang on my wall:

I almost bought it... but I just couldn't. I want to make something like this!

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