March 30, 2009

Jane Quilt Added to Etsy

Meet Jane.

Jane is up in my Etsy shop and needs some loving.
I really, really want to keep this quilt. It is so lovely - and the first quilt I made from beginning to end with my two hands.

Ric rac detail on both front and back.

Handstitched binding and beautiful fabrics - some vintage, some new (Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner).

And that pink polka dot makes me swoon every time I see it. It's big, too - 54" x 46"!
Oh. My.

Please visit my Etsy shop to buy this up for your little one.
The details:
Various quality quilters cottons used, including Heather Bailey and Amy Butler. Warm & Natural cotton batting, with ric rac detail on front and back. This quilt was machine pieced and top quilted, with handstitched binding. It was then washed in homemade earth-friendly detergent to give it a soft, vintage look and feel. This quilt can be machine washed in cold water and dried on low or medium heat in the dryer. Made in a smoke free environment.The finished size is 54" x 46".
Find it HERE.


  1. Rachel, it is absolutely beautiful. I want it. Badly!!!

  2. oh, it's really beautiful!

  3. It's so lovely, are you sure you want to sell your first quilt? Do you mean 54" x 60"? 90" is like twin sized.

  4. oh, I love everything about it!

  5. this is GORGEOUS!! and thank you so much for your great comment on my blog, it was heartfelt and i appreciate it. xox

  6. Doris,

    THANK YOU!!!

    I must not have had my coffee before I typed up this post. I have updated with the CORRECT measurements.

    While not as long as a twin mattress, the Jane quilt is still very generous in size and would be perfect for a crib, toddler bed, or draped across a little girl's "big girl bed."

    Thanks again!