March 4, 2009

Making Me Happy

These things are making me happy today.

Crystal disco ball earrings from MSBelle:

Lift Me Up necklace from HeatherAnnDesigns:

Pinwheel mobile from Dosta Beba:

Construction paper tree by Flighty Girl:

I am working on designing the kids' rooms. It's time to fully live in our home. I think I have been holding back a little... similar to the way a new mama holds off washing the brand new baby clothes until her baby is born - because she's lost one once before. (If you have, you totally understand what I mean.) I think, deep down, I've still been worried we wouldn't make it out here on our own. HA! Praise God, we are totally making it. So, it's time to let go and fully live in our home.

Some images that are inspiring me to do just that:

(I can't remember where these next few came from - somewhere on Ohdeehoh - from before I started naming the images I save with the appropriate reference - so sorry!)

From Hillary Lang

and Ali Edwards (and dang if I can't find those string-up stars anywhere these days!)

from Nie Nie

from Cakies

(and yes, I did absolutely order this poster for my living room wall. Oh yes, I did. 31"x42" ! IMSOEXCITED.)


What is making you happy today?

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  1. can I help with the mountain babies? I am making a baby blanket at the minute, but with no baby in mind for it...maybe that's a sign!

    email me if I can help -