March 4, 2009

Making Quilt Labels

One of the more important things you can do when making a quilt is to put a label on the back. Years from now, when I am strolling around in Heaven, I'd like my great-grandchildren to know who made that quilt they are cuddling under.

For a quick and excellent tutorial on quilt labels, visit Crazy Mom Quilts here. See her image example below:

So, I was thinking.... we should all try to put some type of label on our blankets for the Mountain Baby Blankets project. If you have already shipped your blanket, that's okay! If you haven't, pehaps you could add a label. If you don't wish to sew a label on, use a thin permanent marker on the back in a lower corner; that will be plenty. I think we need something to tell these mommies where the blankets are coming from, something to send a little extra warmth their way.

I plan to include the following on my stacked coin quilt (pictures to follow soon):

A Mountain Baby Blanket
made by Rachel
in South Dakota

*Mountain Baby Blanket Update*
We have shipped 82 blankets for this project! THANK YOU, LADIES. It is not too late to join us and send your own handmade blanket or quilt to a teen mom in Appalachian Kentucky. Please contact me by way of blog comment or email (in my profile) to join in! More details HERE.

View all of our loving creations on Flikr.


  1. this was sooooooooooo timely for me~! I was getting ready to put a label on my quilt before I send it. thanks!!

  2. hello there, my quilt is ready! when you get a chace drop me a line and let me know where to send it.
    thanks so very much!