March 30, 2009

They're Off

On Saturday, I mailed these to K at the Christian Appalachian Project, on behalf of Mountain Baby Blankets. The kids went with me and were so excited that the quilts they'd seen me sewing were finally on their way to the babies. They were proud! How cool is that?!

As promised, pictures of the finished stacked coin quilt:

And, if you're interested, the CAP published an article about our blanket project here. I'm humbled beyond belief. Hero? Not sure about that one. I think all of us deserve that title. And all praise and glory goes to God.


  1. What a beautiful quilt. Someone will be very warm with those. I read the article, it is awesome. You started a great thing. It is great to be able to help people right here in our great country. God Bless.

  2. The gospel in action...that's what you're doing.

  3. I love those quilts. I have three quilts and three receiving blankets ready to send. What is the address?
    You are a hero! You reached out and thanks to you many others could. We don't watch TV at our house, so I only found out about it through your blog.. Thanks I am happy to help.

  4. daisypa2086@yahoo.comApril 10, 2009

    Would you like knitted blankets for this project? I'd love to contribute - THANK YOU!

  5. Rachel I love your donations! We are going to have a Sew In at our shop on May 31st to benefit MBB. Info will be on my blog tomorrow. We are already getting donations and will have a bunch ready to ship right after the Sew In! Thanks for all of your work (and I loved the article!)
    ~ Dawn