April 24, 2009

About Olive

I need to keep it real on the blog.

A very loyal reader asked me yesterday what Olive thought of Kiki. I didn't mention this on my blog because ... well, the internet can be mean. So I minded my own business.

But now that Kiki is around, Olive's absence on the blog is felt and I want to tell you about it.
Folks, sometimes, a wonderful and darling pet does not mesh with your family, despite all of your efforts. Olive is a good little girl - and so cute I can barely stand to look at old photos of her. However, like Kiki, Olive also had a bad habit... but unlike Kiki's smelly pooting, Olive's habit was causing a very real problem.

Olive barked. (You're thinking, DUH - dogs bark.) People, she barked NON-STOP. For fun. Visitors to my home and my neighbors can support me on this. My landlord was not pleased. The kids and I tried everything humanely possible and available to us to solve the barking dilemma for more than four months. The vet was involved. We tried visual and audible training. A spray bottle. More attention. Less attention. Exercise. A citronella collar. A beep collar. Finally, a shock collar. And you know what? Olive kept barking. She barked right through ALL TEN SETTINGS on that shock collar every single day, several times a day. She kept us up at night, she barked the entire time we were home. In the morning. ALL THE TIME.

It was excessive. And it was more than we could handle. The kids were very involved in trying to retrain her and stop her barking. The boys and I decided together that Olive would be happier (and less scolded) in a different home, perhaps where her barking wouldn't be a nuisance. We wanted her to be loved and happy all the time. Free to be her loud self.

So Olive has a new home. We do miss her (not her barking) and we are glad she is happy.

For what it's worth, I'm certain Olive would have adored Kiki. After all, they look like sisters.

Maybe this is my subconscious telling me to buy a bag of Oreos already!


  1. No meanness here. Sometimes a dog simply can't be trained out of something, no matter how hard you try. We had a Samoyed like this. I'm sorry you had to let Olive go, but I'm sure as sure it was the best decision you could've made. Big big hugs to you.

  2. I am right there with you on barking. I have put up with a lot of Ditka being Ditka, but if he barked...that would be the end. I don't think I could handle it either. We already have a neighbor with 2 dogs that bark and I'm just so glad that Ditka could care exless. I'm so sorry that Olive didn't work out. Kiki is very cute and well you don't have worry about her barking that's for sure ;)

    Oh and I switched to making homemade powder laundry soap and it works even better than the liquid and its so much easier to make. I heart homemade laundry soap, I just wish I would have found it years ago.