April 2, 2009

A New Recipe for Dishwashing Detergent

Folks, I have to be honest.

I absolutely love my homemade dishwashing detergent AND how cheap it is to make. Unfortunately, I do not love that it leaves a slight film on my dishes. It's the Borax, I'm sure of it. So the second time I made it, I lessened the amount of Borax and it has helped, as has cutting down the amount I'm using for each wash.

But today, I found another recipe for dishwashing detergent and I'm going to try it!

Dishwasher Detergent

6 cups baking soda
3 cups non iodized salt
lemon juice

Place the baking soda and salt in a container with a lid. Add 1 Tbsp of dry ingredients per dishwasher load. Add 1 Tbsp lemon juice to the dry ingredients in the washing cup (I wonder how this would translate to lemonade mix/citric acid powder, which I have on hand). Fill the rinse aid recepticle on the door with white vinegar. Refill when empty.

The baking soda cleans, deoderizes, and disinfects. The salt softens the water to make the other ingredients work better, as well as cleaning, deoderizing, and disinfecting. The lemon juice boosts the cleaning power, and the vinegar leaves the dishes sparkling.

Have any of you tried this recipe? I'd love to hear your results...


  1. I have run 2 loads so far. The first load was a little filmy. I lessened the powder and upped the lemon juice and had much better results. You might have to play with it a bit. Overall (so far) I'm happy.

  2. oh -awesome! I'm going to try this. I was using the borax recipe a few years ago too, and was having issues with the film, and was worried about ingesting borax residue. But this looks great! I'll give it a go this weekend!