April 16, 2009


Well, my first few days back to work and back to our routine have been... rough. (But I LOVE my life and am so grateful to be back; perspective is good.)

I have whiplash today from trying to get so many things done at once.

Youth group last night was amazing; it is such a blessing to be a youth leader. I am psyched! The kids are doing great in school and I'm rocking and rolling at work. Thinking about chopping my hair off.

Need to finish the embroidery on my quilt before my topquilter calls me asking for it. I have yo-yo's to work on. A best friend that is waiting patiently for me to start her quilt. A cat to adopt.

Wanting so badly to scratch the scrapbooking itch.

Random thoughts today. Pictures soon, I swear. I have them on my EHD ready to go, but I've been in all-day meetings since Monday and cannot upload at work.


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