May 4, 2009

Happy Monday

I'm back to loving Mondays.

We had a great weekend. Fantastic message yesterday, time to play outside (lots and lots!), and time for mom (inside) to get some things checked off of the list!

First, these lovelies arrived in the mail.

LOVE. Boy they mean it when they tell you to order down a size, too.

My list of weekend accomplishments stands thus:

Projects Completed

  • Switch out purse
  • Vacuum
  • Purge, spring clean, clear junk from closets
  • Iron pants
  • Nip waist on grey jeans & 2 pair chinos *
  • Take in 3 shirts*
  • Let down hem on brown and navy pants
  • Finish quilt top for BeckAY's quilt

* If you are wondering if I am shrinking, the answer is yes. Either that or I keep buying the wrong size clothes - that's a possibility as well. But no more baggies!

I love a good, productive weekend.

OH! I also found not only the lawnmower I needed ($45 for a used Snapper), but a FREE twin mattress in excellent shape. Mabel (a.k.a. "the climber") is well on her way to a big girl bed by the end of summer. And of course I will wrap that sucker up in an impenetrable allergy bag.

Hope your weekend was also great.

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