May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

  • 9:00am A knock on the door. Two boys bring in a pink tray with toasted waffles, red grapes, and a carefully-balanced glass of apple juice. HUGE smiles on their faces.

  • 9:04am Two well-thought-out, handmade gifts: a book by Trevor ("I will love you forever...") and a cookbook with an amazing mac & cheese recipe by Andy.

  • 9:08am The Moo joins us, climbing up on the bed and sitting on my neck.

  • 9:15am Call to Nana.

  • 9:25am Mabel and I shower and play "cups" with plastic deodorant lids. I fill it up, she pours it out, and says, "Here, Mama" over and over again. This goes on for several minutes and I try very hard not to cry, trying to engrave this moment in my mind forever.

  • 9:45am Moo falls off the 'loo and bumps her noggin. I soothe her and trim her nails. I curl her hair and fix a barrette in the top curls.

  • 9:52am Mabel reads vampire fiction while I dry my hair and put on my makeup.

  • 10:00am I lotion my legs and Mabel, ever watchful of any girly stuff I do, insists on lotion for her legs, too. I teach her how to rub in the lotion on her chubby knees.

  • 10:10am I break up an argument between the boys while half naked and getting ready for church. Trevor tells me that it was so much fun to surprise me with breakfast. He is proud.

  • 10:30am Off to church we go, where I brag on my two thoughtful sons and my one gorgeous daughter, both of whom I adore and who, so simply, love me back.

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