May 1, 2009

My Cabbage Patch Kid

This photo session with Moo started because I wanted to capture how cute she looked in her vintage top (there are bloomers, too, but it was too chilly). I found it at Savers for $2.

She did not like me following her around.

Then she did. In fact, she decided to use the cute top as a platform to make Nana start packing her bags. Chop-chop, Nana.

Then she demonstrated her favorite position every day: observing Kiki's consumption of vittles. Nevermind the crumbs on the floor or watermarks on the cabinet, please. And yes, she lays right there until Kiki is finished.

Oh my... then the cuteness started (in case you thought none of the previous pictures were darling enough).

Mabel rummaged through the toy box and found herself a pair of shoes. Cabbage Patch Kid shoes. They were mine 22 years ago and belonged on the feet of Jan Ozzy, my first Cabbage Patch Kid. But Moo wanted them on her feet.

Oh, gracious.

Do you see that "A" on the bottom of the shoe? Side note: that is a perfect demonstration of my... retentiveness at age 10. I labelled the bottom of Jan Ozzy's shoes so I would know which pair of shoes belonged to which doll. God forbid they get messed up. *Ahem.*

Oh dear. I don't think those pudgy toes are going to fit. Nana, what do you think?

Still trying. It's a bit like watching Cinderella, isn't it?

I love the determination she has and I am so proud that she gets that from me. Nothing is going to stop my girl.

See? I told you so.


  1. She is just precious. I'm loving those curls.
    I'm pretty sure my Cabbage Patch doll had the same shoes.

  2. Oh my gosh is that adorable or what!

  3. So adorable and lots of determination. Love the smile. Just a cutie.