June 30, 2009

The Farm

This is South Dakota, after all.

It was about time we rolled around at a farm for a while. We lucked out and have new friends that took us for a visit. We can't wait to go back!

At the farm there were babies.

There was climbing and wandering.

There were lots of ponies to kiss.

There was a jackass named Larry. (Seriously, this ass was making so much nonsense & noise that I thought it was Shoes for a moment.)

A wicked cool blue truck.

And Sophia, who stole my heart.

There was Morgan, who allowed each of us a ride.

There was a pudgy kitten who allowed Andy to hold her by the neck and BEG to take her home (the answer was no).
And there was lots and lots of sunshine.

We loved the farm.

June 25, 2009


From The Simple Woman's Day Book:

For June 25, 2009

Outside my window...blaring sunshine and blue skies. A few puffy clouds. Corn... lots and lots of corn.

I am thankful for...the fact that the tornadoes keep missing us. And the sunshine. Man, I love it here.

From the kitchen...a strawberry breakfast bar, a handful of almonds, and some coffee.

I am wearing...my red pumps, black pencil skirt, and fitted black/red floral belted top from Charlotte Russe. Today is going to be an incredible day.

I am going...to have a hard time concentrating at work today.

I am reading...email.

I am hoping...to hear from someone very important today. I think he'll like the red pumps.

I am hearing...Heidi Newfield's Johnny and June.

Around the house...the kids will be waking up soon with sleep crusties in their eyes and pillow creases on their cheeks.

One of my favorite things...is the smell of summer rain. Consequently, I've been loving the smell outside for over a week now.

A few plans for the rest of the week...include being ballsy, watching a rerun of The Office (that I haven't seen) and maybe laying outside in the sun.

June 23, 2009

On Sunday

On Sunday morning before church, I put the final touches on Moo's big girl bed. She is a climber and a jumper and a stinker. At almost 21 months, she's about ready to be big.

Her bed is not fancy. A couple of months ago I had notions of grandeur that included a handmade quilt (by me) and matching who-knows-what, but I decided to green it down some for a while. Also, I have budgetary constraints. And I haven't started the quilt yet. *Ahem.*

twin mattress: free (covered with a zip-up dustmite/allergy cover)
box spring: $4.24
bed frame: $5.30
lavender quilt: $2

I found the sheets, pillowcase, and afghan at Savers.

I am happy with it for now and she loves it. She points to it and squeals, "MAAAAHHHH bed!"

She is growing up far too fast. Someone put the brakes on! So, since I am in denial and not quite ready (and also because I haven't bought a new gate for her door yet), the big girl bed is set up in her room so that she can get used to it for a while first. She is still sleeping in her crib.

On Sunday after church, I put her down for her nap. Later, I looked in and saw this:

Nice to know that Kiki is keeping watch over the Moo. Would you look at that mix of big girl and baby doll toes?

On Sunday afternoon while they were napping, I made some chocolate orange drops for a friend in need.

On Sunday night before he went to bed, Andy came to give me a hug goodnight. While I was hugging him, I wiggled his loose tooth (the one that has been wiggly for more than a month). It was ready, so I shipped him off to the bathroom. He emerged with a new "sssssssth".

Tee hee.

This one also told me that he wanted to make me breakfast in bed for Father's Day, too. I should have let him. Instead I kissed and gobbled him up.

June 22, 2009

Two Quilts and A Boy

I finished the binding on my second Amy Butler quilt last week. It's too large to hang and I didn't want to drape it anywhere outside - so here are some pitiful pictures - I mean beautiful pictures - of the quilt draped across my bed.

The embroidery reads "love my nest."

See the appliqued blue Andy bird?

Look closer. It's there. There are two others for Trev and Moo, too.

I really love the colors in this one. I went back and forth with that orange. I even did surgery to the finished top to work a triangle in that could tie the whole thing together. I worried about the fabric bleeding in the wash (remember, I don't prewash) - but a Shout Color Catcher made everything okay. Then I looked at it too long and started questioning it again.
But now it is finished and I love it.

Mmmmm... good.
I also shot some pictures of my very first quilt. I really disliked it... until now. I trimmed off the nasty rolled binding, topquilted it myself, and then rebound it in green. This quilt was made with fabric scraps and pieces of clothing belonging to my ex-husband and I, ten years ago.

It includes part of his U.S. Navy uniform.
and his flannel pajama pants.

I didn't like it because of what it was before. But seeing it on Trevor's bed, all finished - it's beautiful because of what it means to him.

Didn't I luck out with the BEST PICTURES EVER?! I love this boy.

June 19, 2009

A Comment About The One

Oh, Internet, I love you.

But I forget sometimes that there are more people than my handful of friends and my mother who read this thing. And I forget that while many of you have read from the beginning and understand my adorable wit and humor, some of you have not and do not.

But something has me honked off and I need to talk about it.

Yesterday I received several emails and comments about my post on The One. Apparently not everyone has their head as high up in the clouds as me. Apparently not everyone still believes in the notion of Prince Charming or The One.

In fact, someone went so far as to say my list was unfair to any future suitors and suggested I open my heart to any ole possibility and be happy to have someone who would love me and my kids. While I appreciate these cautious comments, I think that is total bullshit.

Yes, I said bullshit.

I will never settle. Especially not because I have children.

You're never going to convince me that true love doesn't exist. You'll never change my mind about Prince Charming or The One. And I will tell you why:

Because I know that Prince Charming isn't perfect; that doesn't make him any less of a Prince.

The One exists. God has absolutely designed someone out there for each one of us. He wants us to be happy, to have love. Now, I'm not stupid. I realize I just divorced a man that I thought was The One for a good number of years and I still believe he was. Was. But there came a time when he wasn't my One anymore. Perhaps there isn't one One for all of us for our entire lives (for some of us, yes). I am looking for The One - The Right One - for my life right now.

So, while I don't feel I need to justify anything to the internet, I'm going to ellaborate just so you all don't think I'm terribly high maintenance and crazy with the list. Perhaps I should have said:

  1. If the guy doesn't think I'm funny and can't laugh with me - he is NOT for me.
  2. If they guy doesn't think that my body and my mind are sexy - he is NOT for me.
  3. If the guy is unable to love my children as if they were his own - he is NOT for us.
  4. If the guy can't make me feel better when I'm scared or anxious - he is NOT for me.
  5. If he isn't a little interested in MY world - my creativity, passion, and love - then he is NOT for me.
  6. The One will be in love with Jesus. - I'm sorry; this is non-negotiable. Period.
  7. If the guy doesn't love me for who I am, then he's not The One.
  8. Life is busy; we all have jobs and hobbies. But if the guy can't stop what he is doing and spend just a little time with me - he is NOT for me. I cannot stress the importance of this point. This is a dealbreaker for me.
  9. If there is no chemistry - he is NOT for me.
  10. The right guy won't be scared of romance. He will be able to talk about how he feels in his own way. He might not be good at it, but dang it - he won't be scared of it.
  11. If the guy can't find a way to fold the kids and I into his life - then he is NOT for us. This might not happen immediately, but the Right One will try.
  12. If the guy doesn't make me feel safe and protected or stand up for me -he is NOT for me.
  13. If the guy can't sit and relax with me sometimes, or allow me to flutter about with nervous cleaning energy on a rainy Saturday morning - he is NOT for me.
  14. If the guy doesn't appreciate the thought and love that goes into the meals I prepare, the quilts I sew, the laundry I do, the love I make - and if the guy isn't willing to spend a little time with me WHILE I do those things "hand me the tomatoes, would you?" - then he is NOT for me.
  15. If the guy can't play with my kids or help around the house in some way - he is NOT for us.
  16. If the guy cannot at least attempt to handle my neurotic tendencies, constant story-telling, or discussion of vomit, poop, boogers, or fallopian tubes - he is NOT for me.
  17. If the guy can't handle WHO I AM - which is a big loudmouth - well, then I doubt he's made it this far anyway.
  18. If the guy isn't worth me stretching myself, pushing myself to limits I've never seen before - taking me out of my comfort zone to tell him how I feel about him - he is NOT for me. I have to be a little ballsy. I have to be me.

I have to be me. And let God do the rest.

** Oh, and to the commenters who inspired this post: please don't feel picked on. I really do appreciate your comments. You made me think about this all night and the more I thought about it, the more I knew I needed to post a response to this attitude.

June 18, 2009

The One

Love is hard stuff, isn't it? I think the really good stuff should be kind of hard. Not the kind of hard that I put up with for almost 10 years that leaves you alone and empty inside, but the kind that leaves you sweaty and hard-worked but fills you up to bursting and makes you feel alive. Oh, I want that!

I am so happy that my someone was my someone while he was, but alas, he was not The One. He was just the first guy I dated after my divorce was final. I wanted to believe he would turn into more, but it just wasn't meant to happen that quickly I guess. Perhaps there is more to be written of our story, but I'll have to wait and see.

I take refuge in the fact that my God knows exactly where The One is. He is somewhere out there right now, looking for ME - AND MY KIDS.

So today I was driving and steamy mad at how silly I was to even consider giving first guy any part of my heart whatsoever, when I realized a few things:

  1. The One will think my laughter is contagious. He won't be humiliated when I flake out and make a total fool of myself in public (it happens often, Folks).

  2. The One will think my eyes are swoon-worthy and my knees, delicious.

  3. The One will not fill up with fear at the prospect of meeting Larry, Moe, and Curly Sue at home. He will feel worthy, honored, and capable.

  4. The One will sing "Rio" with me when I'm anxious.

  5. The One will be entirely captivated at how creative I am, how strong I can be, and how passionate I am about who & what I love.

  6. The One will be in love with Jesus.

  7. The One will be in love with me, for who I am. For what I love, for what I feel.

  8. The One will sit with me at the table while I sew or scrapbook and talk, for hours about nothing at all whatsoever.

  9. The One will find my adoration of pencil skirts and high heels adorable. Especially if I wear them with a necktie or a cowboy hat. To church.

  10. The One will just chuckle when I break into British accent by accident sometimes. Also, The One can handle watching Bridget Jones repeatedly.

  11. The One will leap out of bed in the middle of the night to return Mabel's dropped binky, as if he'd always done it.

  12. The One will make me feel protected and safe - my knight in shining whatever.

  13. The One will fold the kids and I into his life as if we'd always been there.

  14. The One will have the ability to endure hours-long marathons of The Office or The Golden Girls on rainy days and while I'm cooking.

  15. The One will not only see how much I love him by the way I prepare our meals, but he will help me in the kitchen.

  16. The One can bench press Andy and clean a toilet.

  17. The One will listen to me hypothesize about everything, including Trevor's habit of licking his boogers. Coincidentally, The One will also not cringe when I blog about things like licking boogers.

  18. I will not be able to stop myself from throwing my arms around The One's neck and saying, "I like you, too."

I feel better now. He's there. I just have to find him.

EDITED: There is more to this story - HERE.

June 15, 2009

More Stinkering

I'll let these speak for themselves.

Pardon the blur and wonky lighting.