June 4, 2009

My Ball

Before our arrival, Nana found some balls for the kids to play with outside. The simplest gift, yet oh, so special.

Mabel was assigned her very own pink ball. Perhaps claimed is the right word.

Every day that we were at Nana's, Mabel shrieked, "MY BALL!" when she looked out the window. If she saw something round on television or down the street or in a book she yelped, "MY BALL!"

It actually sounded more like "MAAAAAAHHH BAWL!" Very darling.

Would you look at the elbow dimple right there? And her precious little hand? Oh for pity's sake!

Good times. Even the licking.


  1. Please email me. I have a couple questions about the Mountain Baby Quilts, and need mailing/shipping information. Thank you.

  2. hee hee, i LOVE it!! such cute pics : )