June 4, 2009

Nana's Bad Habit

One of Mabel's favorite things to do at Nana's house was to play in Molly's water dish. Whenever there was quiet, there was Mabel splish-splashing with a triumphant smile on her face. Molly very much dislikes her area being disturbed, by the way. In case you were curious.

When I caught Mabel in the act, I scolded her, wiped her up, and sent her on her way. Cause that's my job as her mom. I repeated this 211 times.

When Nana caught her, the punishment was entirely different. Much more brutal. Nana scolded with a smile on her face. Then instead of wiping her up, she stripped her down and sat her at the sink.

Uh huh.

Looks brutal, doesn't it?

Nana repeated this 211 times.


  1. LOL- *I mean sorry* but that is so funny and cute! And of course it's funny when it's someone else's child... but mine also did this and I figured out in the end it's ok to let them play in the water cause it is only water but only if it's clean water....or else they might move to something they can reach when your not looking....i.e. the toilet OH YES!!! Mine both have done this...and it's funny now but not when they actually did the act! Good parenting though!!!Good luck!:)

  2. Sounds like my mom and dad! Hannah used to want the little covers off the screws on the toilet! Can I tell you how sick this made me and it never harmed her?! I had to take them all out of in the house. Kate liked eating cat food! Nanny and Poppaw never raised their voices at anything but diverted them too. I know my mother did not let me do anything like that when I was small!

  3. She's trying to tell you that she will be an Olympic swimmer when she grows up!

  4. That's what Grandmas are for. They aren't there to scold, just help them find something even more fun! My mom lets Annagrace help her do the dishes, vacuume, water the flowers, etc. I'm always so uptight and worried about things breaking or making too big of a mess to ever loosen up and just let her make the mess. There are many times that my Mom finds something to entertain her that make me think "why didn't I think of that?" (I'm working on it though!)