June 23, 2009

On Sunday

On Sunday morning before church, I put the final touches on Moo's big girl bed. She is a climber and a jumper and a stinker. At almost 21 months, she's about ready to be big.

Her bed is not fancy. A couple of months ago I had notions of grandeur that included a handmade quilt (by me) and matching who-knows-what, but I decided to green it down some for a while. Also, I have budgetary constraints. And I haven't started the quilt yet. *Ahem.*

twin mattress: free (covered with a zip-up dustmite/allergy cover)
box spring: $4.24
bed frame: $5.30
lavender quilt: $2

I found the sheets, pillowcase, and afghan at Savers.

I am happy with it for now and she loves it. She points to it and squeals, "MAAAAHHHH bed!"

She is growing up far too fast. Someone put the brakes on! So, since I am in denial and not quite ready (and also because I haven't bought a new gate for her door yet), the big girl bed is set up in her room so that she can get used to it for a while first. She is still sleeping in her crib.

On Sunday after church, I put her down for her nap. Later, I looked in and saw this:

Nice to know that Kiki is keeping watch over the Moo. Would you look at that mix of big girl and baby doll toes?

On Sunday afternoon while they were napping, I made some chocolate orange drops for a friend in need.

On Sunday night before he went to bed, Andy came to give me a hug goodnight. While I was hugging him, I wiggled his loose tooth (the one that has been wiggly for more than a month). It was ready, so I shipped him off to the bathroom. He emerged with a new "sssssssth".

Tee hee.

This one also told me that he wanted to make me breakfast in bed for Father's Day, too. I should have let him. Instead I kissed and gobbled him up.

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  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2009

    Your kids are so ridiculously cute! Way to go with the big bed finds. Those are some great deals.