June 15, 2009

Sewing: Activity For Deep Thought

I had a very busy weekend, Folks. I started the weekend early by having my first mammogram. Because Nana is a two-time survivor, I have elevated risk and needed to get a baseline mammogram done. It was a piece of cake! Seriously - I don't know what all of the fuss is about; it didn't hurt at ALL. If you have boobs, go get one! It might just save your life.

So, feeling all impressed with my fearless nature I decided to tackle another very important project I've been putting off: mowing the lawn. Please, don't roll your eyes. My dad didn't believe I should learn and then I had a husband who preferred to do the mowing. Consequently, I never learned how. I literally had never mowed a lawn in my life before Saturday. It was lovely and warm outside and I earned two fat blisters, but I did it! Also learned: my yard is BIG. Whew!

I also spent a good while this weekend deep in thought. Sewing is the perfect activity while you are deep in thought, so that's what I did. Funny how I just gravitated to my sewing spot, but I think that's when creativity is at its best - when it comes easily. I cut and attached the binding onto my king-sized Amy Butler quilt (peeks from early in the process below), which I have almost entirely sewn on by hand now.

I can't wait to wash it and see how the raw-edge embroidery turns out!

I also topquilted the very first quilt I ever made yesterday. I made that quilt in 1999, the year Shoes and I got married for the second time (we eloped the first time around). It is nothing but rows of squares of fabric I had in my stash, as well as Shoes' Navy uniform and flannel pajamas. Oy. I had forgotten about the pajamas and then they were in my hands, blue and green plaid - all worn and soft. I remember those. I wasn't prepared for that when I started at the machine, let me tell you.

Damn him.

Anyway, back in the day I used to bind my quilts by rolling the hems. So the quilt was sewn, but not finished. I had even hand-quilted (in the ditch) more than half of it before I put it away. Trevor asked to sleep under it (still pinned, can you believe it? 10 years and still pinned) when we moved to Da Plains. He really loves that quilt. I imagine he feels closer to his daddy underneath it.

Damn him again.

So yesterday, I brought it upstairs and topquilted it properly. Of course the quilt wasn't made properly in 1999 and so it didn't quilt properly in 2009, but Trevor will still love it- puckers and all. Then I trimmed off the old, rolled binding and attached a new green binding to the quilt. I spent 6 hours on that thing yesterday. I'll be glad to handstitch the binding and be finished with it. I don't want to hold it anymore.

I have a number of projects around the house that I'd like to get to over the next couple of weeks, before the summer in Da Plains begins in earnest and we're at the pool every weekend. I'd like to finish another throw quilt and start working on Mabel's twin quilt. (It won't be long until she's out of the crib.) Also someday, I really want to scrapbook again.

Damn him for that, too.

I feel robbed sometimes. Really, I do. Some bipolar, money-lusting love-bandit came and swiped my good memories and my childrens' innocence.

I'll be back happy tomorrow. Right now, I need to go home and sew some more.


  1. I have followed your blog for a while and
    would like to tell you that your doing
    a great job. I've been there cutting grass,
    painting etc. One day I overheard my son
    say to his young friend that his Mother
    could do anything. That made my heart sing.
    It was a long time ago and the journey was
    hard but the prize was worth it. He is a
    great man with a big heart. Just my
    opinion but you and your children are
    better off.Take care.


  2. Well I am totally impressed that you did the lawn. Sorry about the loss of memories - but those kids of yours are adorable! Have a better one.