June 12, 2009


Let's just put it right out there. Mabel can be a little... naughty. Of course, she's almost two. Of course she's a spoiled little princess. Of course, all of that.

And when I put her down for a nap in the middle of the day, I expect her to fall asleep quickly like she did as an infant. Most of the time she does not.

She's a big stinker, that Moo.

So, one day I heard her talking to herself in Chickenese and I peeked in to check on her.

Uh huh.

Off to get the camera.

My intent was to burn the memory of her grubby toes and dancing legs into my memory forever.

Of course she saw me snapping away and of course I had to take her picture. She even looks like a rotten stinker, doesn't she?

Boy oh boy, am I ever in trouble.
Well, at least she stayed in the bed this time.

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