June 22, 2009

Two Quilts and A Boy

I finished the binding on my second Amy Butler quilt last week. It's too large to hang and I didn't want to drape it anywhere outside - so here are some pitiful pictures - I mean beautiful pictures - of the quilt draped across my bed.

The embroidery reads "love my nest."

See the appliqued blue Andy bird?

Look closer. It's there. There are two others for Trev and Moo, too.

I really love the colors in this one. I went back and forth with that orange. I even did surgery to the finished top to work a triangle in that could tie the whole thing together. I worried about the fabric bleeding in the wash (remember, I don't prewash) - but a Shout Color Catcher made everything okay. Then I looked at it too long and started questioning it again.
But now it is finished and I love it.

Mmmmm... good.
I also shot some pictures of my very first quilt. I really disliked it... until now. I trimmed off the nasty rolled binding, topquilted it myself, and then rebound it in green. This quilt was made with fabric scraps and pieces of clothing belonging to my ex-husband and I, ten years ago.

It includes part of his U.S. Navy uniform.
and his flannel pajama pants.

I didn't like it because of what it was before. But seeing it on Trevor's bed, all finished - it's beautiful because of what it means to him.

Didn't I luck out with the BEST PICTURES EVER?! I love this boy.


  1. LUUURRVVEEE them both!! Trev is so sweet. Miss you buddy!!!

  2. Do you do the top quilting with your machine? If so, what type of attachment do you use?
    They all look amazing, I really don't know how you sew so fast? Nothing happens at home when I sew because I get into a trance or tunnel vision and all I see is the sewing ;)

  3. Those are wonderful photos of your son! Love the quilt too.

  4. Cute pics of your son :)
    And love the quilted colored lines on his quilt. Simple, but fun!